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Oh Dear...Not again..

Here we go again.. another post containing RANDOM capitals, underscoring and BOLD type from someone peddling an OLD story and wanting to change THE world......

1 IT'S not an industry my friend...

2 All of the folks who have paid a fortune for their training and licences...and PTF in many cases... have made a lot of bad decisions and

3 Your energy would be better directed against the many training establishments which have, for many years, promoted their training courses as almost guarantees of prompt, prestigious and lucrative airline employment

4 It also must be recorded here that there are very many unemployed fATPL holders out there of unspeakably poor quality who will most likely never secure employment at the pointy end.

5 Maybe those who are so disgruntled should try to rearrange the following words...

kitchen...heat...if..like...don't... you...the...in..out..get...
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