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CTC Killing the INDUSTRY!! eJ, Monarch, Thomson and ????

Hi all,

I'm sure everyone is aware of what's happening to the industry but a lot of folk still have rose tinted glasses on, that includes new guys coming in at the bottom and experienced folk out flying the line.

It's time to wake up and stand UNITED or leave the likes of CTC and AIRLINE MANAGEMENT to truly kill this "PROFESSION" what a great career this is turning out to be...

The following email is about a year old... don't shoot the messenger and make of it what you will...

My interpretation... CTC coffers/bank balance get richer while the young naive cadet gets screwed over from behind working his ARSE/ASS off on the line!!!!

"Dear CTC Wings/ATP Pilots,

As an organisation, we are in deed a little cautious when it comes to announcing new ideas or initiatives;however, when we do go forth, the concepts are well researched, innovative and effective. When we devised the ATP programme, that concept was unheard of in the industry. When we unveiled the Cadet programme some 8 years ago, the degree of selection, under writing of the training and the bond repayment mechanisms were totally novel. Our competitors have now followed suit.

FlexiCrew is a response to the current economic climate, but more importantly, it is what some airlines want. Most of our Customer Airlines (not just the Wings Partner Airlines) are looking for a way to make their operations leaner and more financially viable. Crew costs are a significant part of an airlines cost base and the seasonality within some airlines leads to in efficiencies on occasion. Of course this is not the case for all airlines, but we have listened to a great many who would like to see an initiative such as FlexiCrew.

FlexiCrew can be used to provide airlines with complete crewing solutions from training captains, low hour pilots through to cabin crew if required. As I mentioned in my last update, it is intended for type rated pilots; however, we did not want to exclude Wings pilots be they in training or indeed, already in airline jobs. This goes for Cadets and ATP alike. It is fair to say that the climate has changed in aviation in the UK and most of Europe for that matter. I'm not sure anyone could have predicted the speed and severity of the recession, but it is important that CTC responds with solutions. There is some speculation at the moment as to the structure of things to come. Will airlines be hiring in 2013?

Will Cadets and ATP pilots be offered type ratings and line training? Will those pilots then move into employment seamlessly as in previous years? Unfortunately my crystal ball is no bigger or better than yours and I cannot answer those questions for certain. Ultimately it is the airline's decision. However, we can influence, and we do. In providing initiatives and forward thinking ideas, we can assist the airlines with finding cost effective solutions AND at all times look for the very best opportunity for you. The last part of that sentence might seem a little idealistic, but it's not. CTC Wings success has been built on the reputation of providing highly skilled,capable and personable pilots to our customers. We are able to do that because we find the best candidates - you!

You come to us because we will provide you with the best possible chance of a placement. This is a three way relationship between you, the airlines and CTC. As you are aware, we have recently commenced xx Cadets on the Airbus TR and yesterday, easyJet confirmed that xx have joined the airline in the New Year. As is always the case, the airline cannot commit beyond the 6 month period. It is a fact that those Cadets might not be kept on after the 6 months, but it is also possible that they might. What is for certain, however, is that they will have completed a TR on an Airbus and will have gained 300 to 400 hours on type. Of the 32 pilots who were recently stood down by eJ and Monarch -some have secured positions with eJ Swiss, some have passed selection for GulfAir (no help from CTC).

For the remainder, we are in discussions with other Middle Eastern airlines, Far Eastern and Australasian airlines, plus some European carriers.These discussions are not casual chats; they are in depth negotiations that are looking to secure the best possible packages for those pilots. Most important are the ongoing discussions that are taking place with eJ, to secure a return to the airline for those pilots who were stood down. There is a strong proposal for those guys to return to eJ, albeit to a base possibly outside the UK. When we reach the right point in the negotiations with the airline, we will, of course,contact all of those pilots (ATP and Cadets) and discuss in detail what the options are.

I have gone into this detail because it is very important to understand the facts. FlexiCrew is merely offering additional options to CTC Wings pilots and is not at all mandatory. CTC cannot predict the nature of placements into the future with some operators, and more than that, it would be wise to anticipate a possible change to the way in which some airlines will look to crew their aircraft in the future. There is a real possibility that eJ will be re-engaging those pilots who were recently stood down, though it might be outside the UK. Whatever the economic climate and whatever state the industry might be in, CTC will act relentlessly when it comes to representing you and seeking opportunities for you. We continue to be flexible, innovative committed to providing solutions to the industry.

All the best,


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