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THx, edited the link.

@ CONF iture:

Maybe I was not clear, this did not occur to AF447!.

It was a reply on your suggestion of extending the slats.

Extending the slats could be an attempt to regain control
When TLU is deactivated (TLU NOT AVAIL) in flight a safety feature is to allow full rudder deflection when needed - at landing -.
Selecting S/F handle to CONFIG 1 will extend slats and if slat arrives @16 a backup circuit drives the TLUs to ALLOW for full pedal(35) and rudder deflection (35) if required.

This would have been visible in the TLU trace.

Many data are missing ...
The BEA has provided too little.
IMO only relevant items have been and will be published.
Nevertheless some questions indeed have to be answered or explained.

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