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Originally Posted by PJ2
Re, "As soon as the system cannot figure out which one of the speeds, if any, is "telling the truth." "

It doesn't need to. A power setting and pitch attitude is all you need and as someone suggested here, a recent history if the automation is to do it, (but no thanks!). Speed indication is now irrelevant. An AoA would help but it isn't necessary.
PJ2, I am not sure you understood the intent of the procedure I posted. Its purpose was to basically outline the key functional elements of a computer program that would ease the transition between Normal law autopilot controlled flight and Alternate Law, pilot controlled flight. Rather than drop the aircraft into the pilots lap all at once, the transition could be spread over some time.

I know that pilots worry about their job security when computers are performing things that pilots consider their turf (such as emergency procedures.) I also know that sleepy pilots in cruise in the middle of the night can be slow to come up to speed. Best move is to provide all possible assistance to make the transition as painless as possible. If you get a little help doing your job, it isn't a bad thing, as long as the automatic help does not make things worse. 9 times out of 10, you will be alert and the help won't matter. It is that other time at 2:05 in the morning that you might appreciate the help.

The key thing to recognize is that the aircraft could probably handle the complete UAS procedure by itself for a period of time, assuming proper computer programming. The A330 is a fairly early version of Fly By Wire and despite its great success, does not mean it could not be made better. We need to pick out rough spots in the man-machine interface and improve them. This may be one of those.
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