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I never got this, probably because CASA impose an arbitrary number of hours of doing instructor training before you can apply to do instructor training so I don't count...

With only 12 places per city they don't seem to be particularly serious about getting these much needed skills out there.

HOWEVER I hope this will address some of the problems I see with instructor training:

That the only barrier to entry to a course is money, there is no assessment pre course as to whether or not Bloggs is a suitable candidate.

That some Grade Threes come out with no idea of what the Day VFR Syllabus even looks like, let alone how to assess the students competencies.

Getting instructors to do their paperwork properly and accurately has always been one of the hardest things I've found as a CFI, because no-one taught them at instructor school how important it is or how to do it. eg I've had studes presented for flight test ticked off as "competent" in something they were completely unaware of because the instructor couldn't be bothered to teach them/didn't know was necessary because they refused to refer to the syllabus/just ticked the box so they could get home. THIS IS A BIG SAFETY ISSUE that doesn't seem to be being addressed at some instructor shools at all!

That some instructors teach OWTs instead of facts with references. Because they still operate under the "my instructor said" method of proof and have very little depth of knowledge.

Few new instructors have any idea about thier legal responsibilites and liabilites, ethics or anything else.

Anyway this is a step in the right direction.
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