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Now the BBC has relinquished half of the races and you are forced to pay for Sky Sports will the interest in Formula 1 be the same this year? I for one am not paying for Sky Sorts just to watch all of the Formula 1.
This is the sort of myopic vision that amazes me with so many corporations and business people these days (or maybe it's always been like that).

When you have a sport such as Formula one which relies heavily on sponsorship by way of advertising then wouldn't it be in the interest of those involved aka BE and others for the long term viability and longevity of the sport as costs increase because of the nature of technology for as many people as possible to watch the racing?

How many people will not watch now because they either can't afford a pay channel or a disenchanted with it because of the relentless money grab from those involved?

The more people who watch, the more people are seeing the advertising on both the tracks,the cars and even the drivers clothing and caps after the race.

Do the people who have made this decision have anything to do with the people who own Sky Sports?

I would think that the teams,the owners of the circuits and the sponsors of the teams themselves would have something to say about this or is this just something happening in the UK?

Even then I would like to see the numbers of people who will pay to watch the racing this year compared to those who have watched it in previous years when it was on free to air.

How much is enough when you look at figures like $500 million from the various circuits (small wonder someone wants as many races as possible each year....I bet that person would like a race every weekend if those figures are true) let alone the TV rights and other sources of revenue?

Every day it seems as though someone is looking at every possible part of life and then finding a way to make or increase this as a source of revenue.They look at a popular past time and then start working out how to milk it for everything they can.

In 20 years time you will probably be taxed on how much you breathe and will have to undergo a medical each year to determine that amount.

I had a laugh when someone suggested that large people travelling on aircraft should be charged more because of their weight above a (to be determined) average weight for an adult.

Does that mean that the airlines will then give a discount to those who weigh less than that figure?

It would be a cold day in hell before that happens so I doubt it.
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