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Steve the Pirate
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Forget drugs...

Anyone who is sleep deprived should simply log on to this forum and start trying to follow the interminably boring discussions between Gigaboomer et al and Iron Skillet et al about science versus you know what - you'll be pushing out high quality zeds (or zees for our NA colleagues) before you can spell "Stilnox" backwards (now that method does NOT work).

I actually find the "attempt to follow a thread that started as a straightforward enquiry and was hijacked to become a discussion on something completely unrelated but guaranteed to start a pseudo-intellectual debate on who's penis is bigger than someone else's" method, far more effective than the tried and tested Ops Part A method.

Having said that, I freely admit this trial isn't very scientific inasmuch that the sample size is relatively small at one (me), zzzzzzzzzzzz

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