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Skillet, could you provide a link please to those experiments, I would really like to see that!

Secondly, if you are referring to the RNA world hypothesis, there is one minor point you should consider. RNA is made up from proteins, these proteins are coded in the RNA, the complex cellular machinery required to decode the DNA to make the proteins that make the RNA are also coded in the DNA so what we have is a rather vicious circle here. Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Of course you will claim that the way the modern cell works could not have been the way it began, but this simply proves my point. Real observable science, now, in the present (remember the scientific method?) shows that living things require living things so any conjecture about how life may have started, and there are many huge problems with all this conjecture, is simply not science by your own definition. So you claim observable evidence when it suits but observable evidence undermines your entire worldview!

Apologies once again to everyone else who doesn't want to see this thread hijacked by a religious debate. I'll leave it here, no doubt Skillet will want to reply so please allow him that.
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