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Personally I have recently succumbed to taking sleeping pills. I only take one in order to get some sleep before the flight home from the middle east. Most of the ME patterns are though the night there and through the night back with a 2am wake up call in the desert. Even if I set an alarm when I get in to limit my sleep to a few hours, in-order to get 5-6 before the flight home, it doesn't seem to work without a pill.

I have submitted ASR-Fs and called in sick when I get 4 of these in a row to get my sleep cycle back on track. However nothing changes.... So even though I know it's not the best idea... a pill (or even half) has made me a lot safer in the air and less like a zombie when I land.

I have heard though the cockpit rumour mill that the CX doctors believe that up to 1/3 of all CX pilots are regularly taking sleeping pills.
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