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i jus did da Air Arabia entrance exam n i passed
regarding the entrance exam n interview stuff its very easy
1) u gotta do a test on basic english and maths(mostly trigonometry. triangles and dat sin,tan,cos stuff) its all multi choice questions n yer nt allowed to use a calculator u gotta score a minimum of 75% in both papers......if by any chance u dnt score 75% or above in da maths paper dey will give u a retry and in dat u can use a calculator...
2) psycometric test: in dis test der r gonna understand ur personality n find out if u r fit fer dem so da most important quality they look fer in dat test is "TEAM WORK"
3)aptitude test: u'll be given a joy stick in yer hand n 2 paddels under yer feet to check yer eye,hand and feet cordination.
4)Interview: nothin to be nervous bout.its very simple da guy will jus ask u a few questions bout yer self n like y u wanna be a pilot n stuff like dat.no technicall questions will be asked only general knowledge....remember U r going der to LEARN ok so u dnt need to worry bout nothin da interview will last fer bout 20-30 mins n da guy will be takin down sum notes bout u so be confident..
after dat u'll get yer result......
dats all der is so u dnt need to prepare much....
i hope i ws of some help to u wid dis!!!

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