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TTN 's post is both informative and forthright concerning a topic most of us, as he says, know little about.....

The ability of child to articulate their emotions with regard to latent sexuality is clearly limited, however, the views expressed on the NHS site below are interesting in that (a) they become aware at an early age and (b) public awareness is now increasing.....thanks in part I suppose to education and the internet....

Gender Dysphoria - NHS Choices

Thus the "if you don't understand it, hit it" parenting.. philosophy advocated by the cousins ( on a par with the lap top clip....I am surprised they didn't suggest shooting the children as well ) is disturbing in many respects.

Genetics are , quite frankly, beyond our control as humans in the conception stage and, whilst most of us are fortunate to have no problems as such, there are those, through no fault of their own ( this is the bit that may confuse the closed minds brigade ) who do have gender related problems which can, and should be addressed to enable them to live a full life.

I seem to recal their was an idealogy which also felt that genetics had a certain relevance to conformity....the prime criteria in this case being blonde hair....
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