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BS, no, this was before David Jason was a name. He had just started on crossroads. The kit we used was all white - mukluks, flying suit and gloves. The flying suit was the same pattern as the later mk 3 c/w flying suits but with an RAF Royal Blue lining. We didn't have the whie acrylan pile until later that year. I sold my acrylan pile suit on eBay as well; it was only 45 years old!

I do remember some training films however.

One always puzzled me. It was a crash landed aircraft and the crew dragged all their arctic kit out of the fuselage and proceeded to make a nylon igloo under a wing. I could understand that an opened fuselage could be pretty cool but why not build the shelter inside the fuselage. They may have gone on to light a fire but that could have been just a dodgy under a wing.

The next film was truely frightening. Out intrepid survivor took the hunting rifle out of his survival pack and shot a caribou. Hunting rifle! He then proceeded to skin and butcher the carcass. Next he made a frame and stretched the skin over the frame tying it tautly with the paracord inner. He then took a sharp stone and scraped the skin before rubbing it with the brains to soften it. Just how long did he expect to be surviving for?

The final film was good. Again our intrepid survivor gathered his kit and burrowed into the bowl under a fir tree. It was nice and dry, out of the wind. Then he lit a fire. The heat from the fire rose through the fir tree; the snow melted; a large lump fell down his neck
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