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I've been waiting and hoping that this thread would develope more than it has before it began to drift. So here goes, it reminds me of the time in the early 1980's when an Asian air force bought a couple of Bell 205A-1's to supplement their UH-1H's thinking, or having been told, that "they're the same". Of course they're not and anyone who knows both models will tell you that the only thing that is similar is the silhouette. The structure and the systems are all significantly different, even the engines are different (look it up).

Undeterred, the air force contacted Bell asking how to convert a 205A-1 into a UH-1H, or as a minimum, how to convert the 205A-1 instrument panel to match that of the UH-1H. The reply from Bell became something of a classic at the time, it said that there were so many differences that it simply was not possible to achieve and added "even the rivets are different"* and ended with "we suggest you sell the 205A-1's and use the funds to purchase UH-1H's".

* UH-1H magnesium structure vs. 205A-1 aluminium structure.
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