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Originally Posted by Gretchenfrage View Post
Well, there have been more than one deadly upset events with one system and up to today none with the other.

Tells a story, at least to me.
What story does the string of 737 LOCs tell ?

What types are you comparing with what and with what normalisation (flight hours, departures, none(!)) ?

330 vs 777 is about equal on hull losses and hull loss rate, and both have had non-fatal in-flight LOC due to ADIRU failure. 777 has been a lot luckier on fatalities (especially BA38 - engines choked a few seconds earlier and that would have been a lot nastier however good the crew).

340 ? Luckier still on fatalities but more hull losses. Comparable to 777 - not sure appropraite - should twins be compared to quads, should it compare to 747 ?

320/21/18/19 - much different type and usage to 777, compare to 737 against which competes, and hull loss rate is about equal - provided you exclude the older 737s.

The big story is comparing 320 onwards against the old conventional controlled A300/310, and older 737s etc. - the type represents a massive improvement in safety, close to an order of magnitude lower hull loss rates.

If there's a major safety problem with Airbus FBW, it just doesn't show up in the stats - if there is a signal it's hidden by other much larger factors.
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