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Hello Gordon. Good to hear from an ex LBA Managing Director. I seem to recall reading about your ATC heritage in one of my books and your personal recollections on this site make interesting reading.

I only recently found out about the 424 when I saw it behind a BKS748 in an old LBA pic. Considering I thought the ACR430 was LBA's first radar I was equally surprised to find that the 424 was preceded by the EKCO ARAA. Your description of it mounted on the old rudimentary control tower sounds about right. I think you can make it out on some of the old black and white pictures from that era. Unfortunately I don't have the means to put them on here.

Do you remember roughly when the 424 was superseded by the 430 ? I'm now aged 41 and can remember back to around 1973 and the sight of the 430 whirling round in "talkdown" mode is fixed firmly in my mind !

Nice to see plenty of (mainly) fond recollections of old radar equipment from everybody, not just the Decca and Plessey machines but Marconi as well.
And those Corgi models of the 424 are the last word in cool. I must keep an eye on ebay.

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