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As long as you keep your hands off the pitch input, that aircraft will decel to the stall and keep on decelerating, and the trim will run as far up as it can
Question from SLF. Is that not a problem right there? I mean by way of a disconnect between man and machine.

The handling qualities of earlier aircraft stipulated stick force per "g", and it was up to the pilot to trim out any stick force. If disturbed the aircraft naturally sort to return to its trim speed.

It's hard to imagine the pilot of a non Airbus holding full back stick and manually trimming full nose up no matter what the circumstance.

The power of a trimable stab is such that it becomes the primary pitch control, with the elevator assuming the role of a short term pitch modification.

The pilot of old automatically knew the trim state of the aircraft because he put it there, where as the Airbus, I gather, the pilot is only aware of where the automatics have put the stab is by reference to instrumentation.
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