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I've been in this business a long time and around Airbus FBW aircraft for close to 20 years, and I would never have envisioned that a pilot would respond to those specific circumstances in the way that he did, nor that once it happened, a crew would be unable to get out of it with over 3 minutes to react. If the investigation doesn't help to determine why this is the case and why it made sense to them at the time, then the outcome will be wholly unsatisfying.

Alas, I fear that we will be left unsatisfied.
That's the second tragedy of AF447. The first was the crash itself. The second would be if the lessons that need learning, and then applying, are not. Which would lead to a third tragedy, namely, a similar and preventable crash sometime in the future.

But based on some of the input in four of five extended threads on this topic, crews (in some airlines) seem to be on the receiving end of systems and situation awareness, and even some practical (simulator?) training.

That's a good first step, don't you think?
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