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Originally Posted by pdubby
Not sure if it has been mentioned yet, but the RNP approaches do exist for CG, and have existed for some years.

These are not published in the AIP/DAP package as they were proprietary - i.e. developed by a third party provider for individual companies under licence.

ANZ use them. And JQ were using them very occasionally a while back. I am told the reason JQ no longer use them is crew training currency, and aircraft validity (which I guess comes down to keeping the crew and the FMS current - correct me if I am wrong by all means.)

Whilst RNP approaches are in widespread use at YBBN (QF and ANZ), where an ILS exists,(and is often crew preferred over the RNP), they are strangely not in common use at CG - where they would be quite useful in the weather conditions over the past couple of summers.
which is precisely my point, the tech is out there! I think the 320s have a few limitations in this regards but virgin should be all over it!
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