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real life has nothing to do with it!
Two times in my life I've had a blocked pitot.

One it did pretty much as the JAA exams expect - froze at the original value (I never went above about 2000ft that trip, so the altimeter thang wasn't really there).

The other did something I'd never have predicted - it started reading almost in direct proportion to the RPM gauge. During take-off of-course, that actually seems about right - after five minutes I realised that something odd was happening.

Fortunately both totally VFR trips, so all flown on attitude back to an uneventful landing.

The "blow & block" test I've learned now to do as part of my pre-flight whenever I'm doing the first flight of a new-build aeroplane ! It's also why I know that this cobblers about water drains is just that - if it starts going down, there's a system leak and it needs sorting before flight.

It's a problem with "teachers" who have no real knowledge or experience - but aviation suffers from that a lot (as do many schools of-course, so they're in good company).

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