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Updated Pricing...still too high

Here's the latest:

So, what changes are we making?

You've told us what you think, and the majority is very clear! Here's what we're doing:
New Lower Price

We want every pilot to be able to take advantage of LogTen Pro, from students, to airplane owners, and from summer glider pilots to daily airline captains. Effective immediately, we've lowered the price of LogTen Pro across the board an average of 30%. Prices vary by region, but in US Dollars you can now get LogTen Pro for iPhone for only $29.99, iPad is $59.99, and for the Mac just $99.99.
Introducing LogTen Pro Universal

The overwhelming majority of pilots want to run LogTen Pro both on their iPhone AND their iPad. However, some people just need one or the other, what to do? We have been working around the clock and are just putting the finishing touches on a universal iOS app for LogTen Pro. We will still offer the individual iPhone and iPad versions for those of you who only want to run the app on one particular device, but now there will be a universal app so everyone who wants to run LogTen Pro on all their iOS devices can do it with a single purchase! Prices do vary from region to region (they're set by Apple) but in US Dollars LogTen Pro Universal will sell for just $79.99!
More LogTen Pro 6 upgrades

We want ALL our customers to be on the latest version! We will continue to offer our incredibly low half price upgrades (now just $14.99USD for iPhone, $29.99 for iPad and $49.99 for Mac during our upgrade days). In addition, we will offer upgrade opportunities each month for at least the next several months to ensure you all have a chance to upgrade when it's convenient for you.
I still believe $50 is WAY TOO MUCH for a minor program update for my MacBook. I won't be upgrading.

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