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Originally Posted by fantom
It's the arrow.

Up? What am I supposed to do?
The arrows appear to be an unfortunate choice of shape. The angled part of the arrow head is there to indicate whether you are just beginning to get into trouble (The tip of the arrow) or are fully in trouble tail over tea cup. They do not point to anything. It is not at all like an AOA indexer display (for those who know what that is).

The whole display is intended to look as much like the airspeed tape as possible. What I see as an issue with this approach is that this requires mental interpretation before you respond and it leans on the visual mode of information input like everything else on the 'Bus does. You will have to go through a thought process something like this:
  • I'm getting near the 'Slow' arrow tip.
  • Shall I add power or shall I push the nose down?
This is not the instinctive response those of us used to controlling AOA on approach have developed. Perhaps with enough training you could reverse the arrow indication mentally to move the nose the correct way, but then again, the 'Bus does not trim for speed so it is probably irrelevant in most cases.
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