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MB, me too. Too much info to sort out when you are FUBARed. Keep it simple. Needle, ball and airspeed always worked in the past, now it is much more complex with computers flying most airplanes, especially the Airbus with pilots monitoring. Flying the 757 out of San Jose, Costa Rica one day with a check airman as my right seater on my initial captain check out our clearance got changed to an unlimited climb short cutting the level off and transition. He had the FMC so screwed up as I was making a right climbing turn and the FD was showing a left diving turn so ignored it until he caught up. Automation is fine if it is your helper, not your God. AF447 would not have happened with real aviators flying in my opinion.

Full back stick for over 3 minutes in a stall isn't what we are taught because it always kills you, guaranteed.
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