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@ Conf iture:

Originally Posted by A33Zab
The yellow AOA indicator line [Current AOA] would have been at the bottom of the SLOW side of the scale

I was looking at the FCOM and things are described a bit differently :

Actual Speed Reference Line (Yellow) :
This fixed reference line next to a yellow triangle, indicates the aircraft’s current speed.
Just a little bit different .....but you are absolutely right the Yellow line is fixed - like the normal speed reference - and the background is moving.
However the function remains the same......CAS vs AOA.

So that yellow line stays in the middle and probably and hopefully the GREEN area with the target speed (GREEN triangle) remains visible at the top of the scale whatever the current stall speed/AoA is.

For the Red SLOW area :

This red area indicates the speeds that are lower than the stall speed.
For now, an image from A380 AMM but too fast for AOA....

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