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Griffo, painfully gone, and we suffer for the loss of knowledge that used to transfer when there was no threat of punishment, just the good sense that if something was trending badly the chance of fixing it was in the hands of the experienced to help the less experienced to not stuff up and take other with them.

Now we prosecute to ensure "safety" how that works in practice I am not sure I could envisage. Maybe if we are all in Goal as Not Fit And Proper it all becomes safer.

I guess less airtraffic would do that naturally !!!!!!

In the 60's and 70's we had a working relationship with the regulator, now we have an adverserial relationship, and this is progress ??????

Maybe the whole thing will collapse under its own bureacratic weight and we could all go back to Sir Donald Anderson and real people administering a fundamentally safe self reporting system that was co operative and relied on mutual respect.

Need a new soap box.
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