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In 'another era', many a 'problem' has been avoided / solved over a beer on a Friday evening at the local aero club, with the local 'Examiner of Airmen' of the day, and some instructors / pilots where definite education of 'boundaries' were discussed / drawn, and in general, pro-active 'safety issues' freely discussed.

A bit like having a 'quiet lunch' these days - or 'a friendly visit', 'tea and bikkies' - 'hats orf' - on some ocassions...(?)

Doesn't seem to happen any more.

I've seen 'our local bloke' twice in 20 years and that was only to say 'G'day' in passing.

What happened to being a PART OF the industry..??
As distinct from being 'apart from' the industry..??

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