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In my opinion gobble dock is mostly correct and unfortunately CASA deserve what they get. They can't be trusted as has been shown before.

The issue I see here is this Jones case is actually a product of CASA and their lack of doing the job properly.

With reference to my previous posts about CASA despite many good folk doing a very good job, there is a cultur amongst some that is all about mounting trophies on their walls rather than being an out there in the trenches working side by side with the industry. As I have said before the field folk should be educators not prosecutors, they should be welcome to wander into any operation just like your best mate.

Can you imagine a relationship with a local CASA man and Mr Jones where jones gets this gig offer from a tv mob and he phones up Mr Smith the local CASA dude and says, "hey Smithy, would you mind dropping in some time this week, this tv mob want a film done and they want to shoot some wild chopper stuff, I want you to be involved so it is done with safety in mind but right up to the edge of the rules, the script calls for some stuff that might upset people in your head office, and the beers are on me, see ya Friday arv"

Instead, my guess is the CASA folk would have known what was going on but let it sail through so that they could skin him alive later.

Big difference in the two philosophies of running the business. Now which system will have a better safety outcome, the one hypothetical above, or the one we have which justly motivates the kind of response gobble dock mentions in going to ground.

Too much strict liability and all that stuff and not enough real safety.
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