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I've spoken to a pilot involved in the US discovery series 'flying wild alaska', and part of the agreement the CEO of that company had was a total veto on what went to air in regards to anything to do with the operation of his a/c, not to cover up any dodgy ops, but to ensure that nothing that may have appeared dodgy went to air so they had no issues with the FAA.
They may need to be more careful. Last episode I watched they were talking about VFR flying and rules for visibility when they flew straight on into cloud (in mountainous terrain) trying to push on to the next snow strip. The pilot was visibly alarmed but kept going, and was lucky to find a hole in the cloud to put down though. Maybe it was made to look more dramatic than it actually was, but my first thought it was a bit risky to broadcast it just from a CYA point of view.
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