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God this place is full of whingers! Whinge if CASA do nothing, whinge if they do something.
From all accounts (video footage aired on TV) this guy has committed a number of offences. In order to give him a fair 'trial' an investigation MUST be conducted. Guess what folks, investigations cost money.
To what extent can someone break the rules (alleged) and get away with it, because "it would cost too much to investigate'?
Sure some might not be cost effective, but if you have someone possibly breaking a number of rules, telecast on national TV, and CASA DIDN'T investigate, that would be something to whinge about.
Justice must not only be done, it must be seen to be done.
I for one am happy for my tax dollars to be spent to investigate and charge or clear this guy.
Even if you hate CASA, please be objective enough to look at what it does objectively. Unfortunately we are a nation of 'black and white', there is often a shade if grey. Why can't we at least give credit where credit is due?
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