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Sorry guys but I have to give my 2 cents here now. I really get shocked when I read all this stuff about RYR and the union.
I am in my late 20ies and fly a 70+ turboprop for a small german regional airline.
17 aircrafts, that's 7 jets and 10 turboprops. Lets say about 150 pilots.
Of course it's not the Lufthansa pay but we have a good life here (FO bout 50000, CPT 75000+). Good contracts regarding duty time, off time, roster etc.
Long term contract, annual payrise and you get your typerating payed.
And we have a strong union here. Of course the management is not pleased with that, but who cares? No one will fight for our conditions. WE have to fight.
I seriously can't believe that a huge company like RYR is not able to unify. What is your size? Almost 300 aircraft I guess.
What is wrong there? You fly thousands of thousands people round europe and don't have the balls to rebel against some office sitters?!
Getting organised doesn't hurt. Trust me. The airline industry gets sicker and sicker each and every day! And no manager will stop it for us. WE have to stop it!!!

goooood night...
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