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Hi galaxy flyer,
Would the TU AMS plane, if it had been an Airbus with the same RA failure leading it to believe it was at zero feet, not have crashed, too?
Yes it would.
From OEBProc-38

"During ILS (or MLS, GLS) approach with AP engaged, in the event of an
unexpected early THR IDLE and FLARE modes engagement, the flight crew must immediately react as follows:
‐ Immediately perform an automatic Go-Around (Thrust Levers set to TOGA),
‐ Immediately disconnect the AP,
‐ Then continue the landing using raw data or visual references (FDs set to OFF),
‐ Perform a manual Go-Around (Thrust Levers set to TOGA). Significant longitudinal sidestick input may be required.
Note: 1.If the flight crew does not immediately react, the angle-of-attack will increase and may reach the stall value."
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