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FWIW, over 3000hrs cmd time on Airbus. It does some things very well, and some things very poorly.

Non moving thrust levers are a pain, sidestick is not a problem as long as you are ok with being "disconnected" with the aircraft.

Screens, especially early ones, are crap. LCD screens an improvement.

Cockpit lighting, again better on newer models, garbage on older models.

No trim, good for some, not others.

Controls law, complicated but understandable. Not as clever as airbus like to think since electrical failures can drop you into the biggest pile of s**t imaginable.

Autothrust can be glacial in response to demands, even when they are computer generated demands.

Main issue is the relationship between systems and how one, seemingly innocuous, failure can swiftly develop into a whole miserable world of hurt....hence the phrase "What's it doing now?"

Overall, Boeing!
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