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I'm not an expert on the Boeing or the Airbus (but fly Airbus) but the thing that strikes me as odd in this thread is the fact that various causal factors in accidents involving Airbus are being attributed to the philosophy or Airbus, for various reasons.

However, as far as I can see, nobody seems to be attributing any Boeing accident to their philosophy. This is more than just Airbus vs Boeing, and I mention it because it seems to be a flaw in the argument of those who argue against the Airbus philosophy, when it's not beyond unreasonable thought to suggest that it was perhaps pilot error and not knowing the aircraft that was a causal factor, rather than purely down to the manufacturer.

For example, Turkish 1951. In some ways, it has its similarities with AF447. Lack of situational awareness, lack of monitoring and possible task saturation, for instance. After all, would that accident have occurred in an Airbus? I'd suggest not, since the sensing of the low energy state (SPEED, SPEED) or alpha floor would have saved the day. Is that an issue or problem with Boeing aircraft? Well apart from identifying the issues surrounding a faulty RA, I'd say not.

I do wonder whether some are blaming the aircraft when in reality, those in control should know their aircraft and the signs the aircraft they are type rated on will present in certain conditions.

I think it's probably "pilot nature" to compare the two (primarily if you've flown both!) but should we not know the basic characteristics of the aircraft and assuming the manufacturer has provided us with something sensible, be able to handle it in all conditions?

If the Swiss Cheese Gods align without appropriate intervention from the crew, then an accident will occur. You could go through most accidents and say "well....if they had this function / feature / attribute / characteristic then it might not have happened" but that's the nature of safety in an industry that has so many variables. The Airbus vs Boeing debate with regards to safety, is surely just another one of those statements...
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