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Sir KDM Lowe
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I think we're missing the point. It doesn't matter what method you use to award leave, if you don't have enough pilots to meet your task, then you can't free up the slots. Thats why so many of us haven't been awarded more than a third of our entitlement. My children have already asked me how come their school friends have started finalizing their summer holiday plans, yet I can't even get one week secured in either July or August.

I've grown tired of watching my contemporaries in other walks of life not give the subject of annual leave a second thought. All my family and friends were penciling in their 2012 holiday dates/plans back in September. I don't think it's asking much, to expect a family holiday during the summer months. And it will continue to get worse as there's no incentive to fix it any of this. Sorry to sound so negative but that's the reality.
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