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I'm in a well run (not by me) syndicate of 17 running a 28-161. The aircraft flies about 400 hrs PA.

We're paying 30/month, fixed costs. 5 of that is admin overheards, so that makes fixed costs about 425/month. About half of that will be hangerage.

We're paying 50hr variable costs. It averages a fuel burn of about 32 litres/hr which would be 30/hr in fuel, so about 20/hr in all other costs.

So, it looks to me like:-

2500 fixed costs
+ whatever deal you can get for hangerage.
+ Fuel at around 30/hr
+ other "hour dependent" costs at around 20/hr.

You'd have to talk to our syndicate accountant to get the fine detail, but I think that this pretty much sums it up.

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