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Well Canadian Break we'll just have to agree to differ. Being on the Unit that was moved and involved in most of the A4 planning meetings run by this bloke I am pretty sure my facts are correct. There were also some in the ASACS part of COS OPS empire who also expressed concerns about the 'truth' in the findings and Recs made to Strat Plans. If the AOBATWOMAN is the current one she was head of the ASACS part of COS OPS at the time and had reservations too. The published plan had us moving to Scampton then Cy. The Leeming option was well before this and done with very little actual planning at all. As for having an original draft well anyone with access the DII can see that. Those with personal records of their own inputs will also see the author to whom I refer. In fact any glance at the minutes would show that too. I suspect we are talking about similar things written in similar time frames but just who appended their signature to various versions may be up for debate. All I know is the guy charged with the writing the paper, running the meetings and providing the recommendations (required by his boss and not the facts) is the new staish at Scampton. As for getting some FCs to move outta Waddo to do some work at Scampton always was a pipe dream
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