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I would seriously warn those individuals thinking of applying to take a long hard think about what they are doing.

At present, there is a large number of pilots (from shiny FO's to Base Captains and TREs) who are leaving to go, well, anywhere else other than Ryanair. We have a massive crewing issue going forward into 2012 and this is their idea of shoring up the numbers so we won't get royally screwed. It won't work. People don't pack in their jobs and go to another continent without good reason, especially those in secure, senior training positions. If it were me, i'd want to ask those people why it's so bad they left, and wonder whether it is the sort of thing I want to get involved with.

If the advert is to be believed and you get first dibs on UK bases, then expect to be fully ostracised by the existing workforce and those waiting to come back to the UK as newly upgraded commanders. Between the number of people using REPA and joining IALPA, and the others who are leaving, does not leave many other people apart from FO's who have not been fully indoctrinated yet. The fact they Storm are offering 10 Euros per hour BELOW the existing rate given to Brookfield Captains should indicate what a perilous state of affairs the company is in, and the contempt to which they hold the workforce.

Of course, perhaps Ryanair DID offer more (not likely), and Storm are creaming off more as their cut, but then you need to look at the whole setup.

The whole thing stinks.

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