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And just to caveat the above post for every job like the one above there are 10 where you pitch up to the aircraft with no fuel on, the hunt for a computer with Internet access which also has a printer with toner...is like the hunt for the holy grail

The guy tends to pitch up with extra pax last minute so can't get fuel till you get the wx, just when you decide a figure mutt turns up with his heavy iron and trumps the queue for fuel, so you sit in the aircraft in winter with the door open because the cartridge bog smells.....no apu means checks on the battery which is at 22v when you switch it on, you rub your hands and see your breath.

Your 0800 becomes 0830/0900/0930/1000z as "something's come up"

You witness the ATC guy arriving and put the lights on in the tower

You KEEP touching the wing to ensure its just condensation, if it does frost over you're knackered because there's no de-ice facilities anyway, you look,longingly at the hangars.

You get inspired when a challi / gulf / global driver meets you on the coffee bar and asks you what you're flying....they tell you they used to fly one of those and it was "proper" flying and the "time of their life"

Makes you feel better until said bigjet disappears to somewhere hot and it's only an hour or so till the crew are enjoying lobster tails and pedigree coffee..

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