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There are airlines and there are airlines.And there are bizjet jobs and bizjet jobs.

If you work for a national/legacy/better airline then that will generally be better than one of the lo-cos.

On the bizjet front working for a private owner will be different to working for a public transport operation.

IF you get a really good private owner then you are in heaven. But a bad owner will be misery. Phone calls at 3 in the morning-I want to fly in an hours time. It's not happened to me but I've heard rumours of it. A good owner will respect your private life and give you plenty of notice. But I think that the grapvine works well and that all of these really good jobs will be filled by word of mouth and a "stranger" to that world won't get a look in. The down side of that is that you will possibly go to the same 6 airports that you always go to as the owner has properties/businesses/friends in those same 6 airports. I have also heard rumours that some private owner don't seem to understand the concept of FTL and I seem to recall reading on this website of a captain who resigned on the spot when, after an 18 hour day his owner wanted him to continue on for another ??hour sector. Can you blame him.

If you are on the PT side of things then your choice of destinations will be much wider, however generally "on-call" times will be longer and in some companies (so I have been told) if you didn't fly yesterday then that was a day off.

So to summarise, in both sectors there are good and bad. Of the 4 options above I have experienced 3 of them (not lo-co) and, unless you can get a really good owner would suggest PT corporate (but with the right company) mainly due to the variety of destinations (but if there are any really, really, really good owners out there my contact details are on this website.............)
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