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Wow, took me a while to look up the word. Yr dead right Skippedonce there never was any room at Cy but that's what the hats wanted so that's what the study showed as the best option. If the paper had been drawn up honestly we wouldn't be in this mess and would probably be sat at Leeming by now (the original original answer). It's a shame 1ACC and CRC have merged its ripped the heart out of the latter for what in the long term will only be pennies saved. I don't take satisfaction in his misfortune, after all he got promoted, but I hope he can hear the hundreds of voices saying 'i told you so' ringing loud and clear in his ears. Maybe the next study will be based on fact and honesty mind you.......In the meantime it allows the good humoured mess rivalry between 1ACC and the Reds to continue for a while.
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