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I wonder how the flight crew will be handled and if they are back flying yet. LOT may decide the crew have done a great job of the landing and it all depends on whether management regard missing the popped cb as a minor error that any crew might have made or an extremely serious one. There will doubtless be a big debate on whether they did well or not.
May be a horrible truth what you are saying but why does this crew not deserve the same respect as sully in the Hudson for performing a perfect PERFECT gear up landing resulting in NIL casualties? Sully and crew were (well he did have less time to prepare) subject to a potential disaster as were the LOT crew. Below a news clip in honor of the gentlemen who did their job well!

President Bronislaw Komorowski expressed his heartfelt thanks to the crew and the ground workers "on behalf of all Poland, which held its breath while watching the dramatic developments."
Komorowski said the pilot's skill and expertise saved many lives, but also gave the Poles a powerfully "positive" outcome.
The LOT airlines plane carrying 231 people from Newark, New Jersey made the emergency landing Nov. 1 after its landing gear failed to open.
Komorowski decorated the crew members and representatives of airport ground and rescue services with medals. Among them was pilot Capt. Tadeusz Wrona, who became an instant hero in Poland, who was awarded the Officer's Cross of the Order of Poland's Rebirth.
Wrona and co-pilot Jerzy Szwarc landed the plane so carefully that some passengers thought it had landed on wheels until they saw smoke, fire and sparks. Emergency workers immediately doused the plane and nobody was hurt.

Read more: Poland honors crew who made safe emergency landing -]

Seems to me they are to be handled very well!
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