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fatigue level...i should say...is fairly okey...
crew rest in between duty ...11 hrs minimum, beginning at on-block+15min;
average monthly 75 hrs basically on all fleets considering 6wk-ON/2wk-OFF roster pattern; the only painful thing is...DUTY TIME limitations not the same as ICAO/JAA/FAA, here they follow CAAV duty time limitations(w/in 7 days Rest period 36 hrs) ..and Here's the hard part (w/in 10 days Rest Period 60 hrs), so basically you fly 7 1/2 days consecutive... and 2 1/2 days off.. plus of course your minimum crew rest daily of 11 hrs..what i'm describing is the extreme, but so far, this may only happen once or twice a year...on peak season months only (which is about 2-3 mos in a year). Hotels/Layovers are fairly nice 5 star hotels...Food/Meals on board A+; only downside for expat is Some hotels does not include free breakfast, so you have to shoulder it yourself...and no per diems paid on layovers....as it is included on your montly pay... No overtime pay as well (but you dont normally fly more than 80hrs) so it's just fair and square...this is just my opinion....hope this helps you.
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