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i know there were some issues with regards to rishworth's past dealings with some expats, but right now...things have changed...at least from the way they deal with us crews...so far i've been here almost two years now and i should say i'm quite satisfied...both with Vietnam Airlines and Rishworth as my agency... i know some you guys would disagree, and some would not...this is just my opinion.... i'm not asking for anyone's approval here...all i'm saying is, if you wanna try it out here... and your options are limited, then why not... bottom line is i get my pay at the end of the month...and never had to worry about losing my job, or getting laid off/furlough, or my airline getting bankrupt? at least for the next couple of years.....

hedge...just in case you still want some info on these:
Accomodation/Fairly Descent Furnished Apartment cost about $800-$1500 Usd depending on your need
Canadian Int'l School for gradeschool is approx. $600 Usd, and Bus/Transpo extra pay $100 every 3mos approx. per kid. Dunno about Secondary/High School yet...
Car...Not necessarily needed...taxis $4-$6 15-30minutes ride and motorbike rental ($70) would suffice..
Groceries&Stuff + Sushi/Wine average around $400 per person per month, including some fast food burgers etc...
How much you spend on all other things is really up to your personal requirements....
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