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Hi guys,

In celebration I have had a few drinks so sorry in advance for any sloppy grammar or spelling!

Thanks for all the help on this forum! It has helped me a lot in getting through the application process for becoming a pilot in the ADF.

I applied for the pilot position again this year in March - 5 years after I last applied when I was in grade 12 (I got knocked back for low school marks and life experience). I went to flight screening around July this year and recieved a phone call 1 month ago from the ADF letting me know that my documents would be sent down to Canberra for the RAAF and that I would recieve a phone call soon. I finally recieved that call today with an offer for DE pilot for the RAAF for the middle of February . Just thought I'd let you guys know for those of you waiting for the call.

Also FYI I went to flight screening with around 130 hrs of gliding and 30 hrs of powere flying. I highly recommend gliding for potential FS candidates and I believe that 5-15 hours of flying would be great a number to go to flight screening with, however that is my opinion.

If anyone else going in at the same time feel free to contact me!

Good luck to the rest of you going through this process.

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