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CB, we haven't had a joust before but when I use the "" icon I'm usually joking, as I was in this case - I just couldn't resist the pun. So, apologies, no offence was intended. By the way, "comparisons" would have done nicely but, hey, why use one word when two will suffice?

You wish to equate my immense dislike of the CEP at CX to a debate of CX standards vs HX.
Incorrect. You raised the subject and I simply countered your point of view stating that, because you have an "immense dislike of the CEP" programme, you seem unable to overcome your antipathy and make a balanced judgement. As you work for neither CX nor HX, arguably you are not qualified to comment on standards at either airline. Similarly, I'm not qualified to comment on standards at HX, KA, QF, EK or any other airline for that matter. We can both surmise what the standards might be but we can't be absolutely sure. Reading things on forums such as these or listening to disillusioned pilots in the bar is not the same as knowing what the standards might be. (There are obvious exceptions to this argument but we're discussing airlines that you might consider to be a future employer.)

You say that CX is known as a "checking airline" and I say I disagree. Some might think so, and of course they're entitled to their opinion, but I have received some exceptional training over my time here. There is always the exception to the rule but a thinking man would put anecdotal evidence into some form of context - you rarely hear stories of pilots simply passing through the system without encountering difficulties but most do. It's a bit like journalism - feel good headlines don't sell newspapers. Not only that, stories related by those who have difficulties will rarely tell the whole story - that's just human nature.

As far as playing the man rather than the ball, that's something I rarely do, even if the basis for an argument is flawed. However, I find inconsistency in arguments tiresome and feel almost compelled to highlight them and for that I make no apologies. On the other hand, if the person I'm debating a topic with makes a valid point then I'm not afraid of conceding and reviewing my point of view - that's the whole point of debate.

Anyway, enough of that - I've got an intermittent "Thread Drift" ECAM here.

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