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"Comparancies"..... Same thought with me but spell check approved it so I let it be. Either way I think you know what is meant. I'll amend it to appease.

Your post seemed to comprise of a willingness of civility up to the "peace off" remark. I mean really! The audacity of anyone to question the greatness of CX??!!!

Yes, research & a balanced debate are essential. I offered another take on the issues & attacks against HX raised in my original post on this thread. You wish to equate my immense dislike of the CEP at CX to a debate of CX standards vs HX.

Yes I do try to gain a thorough appreciation of my (potential) employer both now & in the future. Signing on the dotted line & then b!tching about what you applied for & agreed to is just pathetic. You want to fly for MetroJet then go for it. They're a great outfit with great pilots. Just don't complain about no staff travel or ID90 tickets.

Just go in with open & unbiased eyes & see both sides of a debate. Here HX's pilot standards & experience was questioned, along with the others I mentioned. You don't like my post just because on a completely different thread I vehemently & aggressively oppose something else to do with CX.

Play the ball, not the man so don't try to tackle as in a rugby game if you're now playing tennis as it seems you are seeking to do here. Argue against the points I raised if you wish, leave the silly innuendos out & we could have a decent debate on this topic. Go to another thread if you want to take up another mantle.
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