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Two different threads on two different topics Steve.
Fair enough but you can't deny that your post mirrors the theme of those you've posted on the Wannabe forum, the main thrust being that CX is useless. CX is by no means perfect but that can be said of any employer, except perhaps the one you're with now. I make this assumption based on your apparent propensity for extensive research into prospective employers. The reality of employment, not just in aviation, is that you choose your employer based upon, amongst other things, the terms and conditions offered at the time of your application. They will either suit you or not - in your case, it would appear that the terms offered by CX didn't suit. Perhaps those offered by HX might at some time in the future and, if they do, you'll make a balanced judgement at the time. As an aside, it would be interesting to see if you are as quick to defend your employer as you are to deride CX.

I'm glad that you are relieved that you didn't accept the offer of employment at CX and with that relief should come peace. So, why don't you peace off and leave the rest of us to suffer in silence?


P.S. What does "comparancies" mean?
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