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And there is the real quandary for RBR at the moment. If AN does, and no doubts from me that he will, design another world beating car is it going to be financially viable to build 2 of them when realistically only one of them is going to bring them any sort of return
Errr, sorry to burst your trolling bubble but don't you think they need someone to finish second in as many races as possible so they get the MAXIMUM "return"? After all, the Constructers' Championship means this peculiar thing called MONEY from Bernard, and it ain't any good if they have one guy scoring decent points and the other in 10th (think about "the red cars" when I say that).

Oh, btw Lex. You saying that every time Vettel outperformed Webber was only down to "team orders"? Could it maybe, just maybe, be because Vettel is actually a far better driver and any team will select the one most likely to actually do the best to be their "#1"?
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