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Lex Talionis
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So a 153 point gap between the teams.. Jenson - 270, Lewis 227.. 43 Pts gap..
AA I think the point Lex was making was that Hamilton was supposed to have actually won a few more races iso sitting on the pit wall/moaning about his bird/playing dodgems. Then the points totals would have looked somewhat different.
Lon More is right and it's actually finishing a race in the first place and even getting on the podium preferably in the middle that might have made the difference with the constructors title.

When I heard about the supposed girl friend problems I think of the current/old days with other drivers and don't think it would have happened.
Can you imagine James Hunt worried about some bird.The only thing on his mind apart from racing would have been which set of twins to go home with after the race.
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