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I have been riding motor bikes, working on building sites etc. for 50 years previously without one and I'm still here.
I know someone not wearing a seatbelt thrown from a car in an accident where her car ended up completely crushed (an old style mini) which probably saved her life. Using your logic should I stop wearing a seatbelt?

We all hate the obsessive and OTT H & S bullshit but underlying it is a massive reduction in deaths and injuries from the bad old days, building sites being a prime example.

We all hate being compelled to do anything but is it such a hardship to wear a high viz vest/jacket?

A pal of mine was run over and suffered a broken ankle on the apron at Leeds/Bradford in the days gone by. A jacket may have helped it may not but it certainly wouldn't have INCREASED his chances of getting hit!

I noted in a documentary on RR jet engines that every single person ever on the shop floor wore both high viz clothing of some sort AND eye protection. Is that OTT? I only have one pair of eyes and wear eye protection when doing many simple and quick tasks. I have a pal who lost sight in one eye when using a strimmer.

I will put up with looking like a dork and complying with what are sometimes rules in unnecessary situations thank you.
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