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These "road diggers yellow jackets" have become the uniform for worker drones in the collective.

To me there is nothing more hideous that watching a smart uniformed airline crew walking out to the a/c wearing these b****y yellow things!

Hi Viz Vests were introduced originally for track workers on the railways. When the driver saw them a mile or so up the track he would toot his horn as a warning so they would stand clear.

How many a/c on the ramp are taxiing at line speeds of 50 mph and are equipped with horns to warn errant crew members on the ramp?

Then don't get me going on general aviation airfields that are also insisting on these awful things being worn. OK I can just about see a reason for them to be worn at a busy airport ramp such as LHR etc with all sorts of servicing vehicles all over the place but a grass airfield where the largest a/c around is a Seneca?

Also there are hazards to wearing high viz vests - many are not flameproof but you see people wearing them in light a/c, some are not anti static - possible fire risk near fuel pumps, bowsers etc and I have witnessed people hand swinging a/c with them not attached properly so risk of getting wrapped around a propellor.

They even have "jobsworth" at airports now checking that you are wearing them correctly!

As almost everybody seems to be wearing them at events these days - who is "in charge" when you want to report something that has gone wrong?
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